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Want More Followers My Bestfriends?
Sunday, May 27, 2012 | 10:10 PM | 1 comments

have you  seen such tweets on twitter? Are you familiar with those words? lol. I've been seeing that since a year ago.

I tried that thing a year ago, it's a site where you need to put your twitter username and password then automatically they'll give you 100 followers and 100 following, so that's the consequence, you need to suffer from everyone's tweets even if you can't understand them. Besides that, you'll gain 2, 3 or more followers almost everyday, but you'll follow some account almost everyday too so... see? It's not that great. You have to disconnect your account to the site to stop it.

I kinda found some advantages. For example you need to plug something, if you have lots of followers, there's always a chance that they might click your advertisements or whatsoever you want them to click, you know what I mean right? Or if you want someone to see you have lots of followers, see? You fooled them :D. Anyway, It's over for me, I don't like it anymore, it's still nicer to see tweets coming from people you really want to follow like my bloggermates or my idols :)), I sometimes use twitter to stalk my celebrity crushes! mwahahahaha *evil laugh here*.

Anonymous Gail said on May 28, 2012 at 11:08 PM  

I did this years ago! And I really hate it, yes I gained thousands of followers - but then I also automatically followed some strangers. Most of them really inhumane. :)) So I made a new twitter. So sad.

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