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Saturday, November 9, 2013 | 1:48 PM | 3 comments

Hi guys! What's up? I finally found the right time to blog about everything! So... Brace yourselves cause I have lots of untold stories.

1.  My father finally gave me a phone. He already gave me phones before but I always end up breaking it accidentally. 4 years ago was the last time he has given me my own phone. What I was using these past years was our old cellphone, for pure texting. But now I promise I'll take care of this!

2. We left the apartment last September 27, 2013. I was really emotional those times because of the "heart break" I've experienced plus the thought that we were leaving. I actually cried the night before our due date. I am very happy that I met this family. 

  They have a big part in my life and heart. Everytime I think about our memories there I can't help but cry :'((. There are lots of memories, really really lots! When I got home I was excited to tell my mom how we left but what I did was just cry... I cried really hard.

3.  Our capstone defense was held last September 31
with our thesis adviser on the left and the coolest dean on the right.

We had fun on our final defense. I know that my groupmates won’t be able to read this but I would really like to say that I had the best groupmates ever!  I haven't been the best leader for you, I know I was not focused and for that I am sorry. I won't forget the days when I was living with you; those were my stressful but fruitful and joyful days of my life. I remember the days when we were buying groceries together, when we were cooking, when we were talking about boys, our late night foodtrip, san marino feast hahaha, everything! Thank you so much for everything!

4.  Last October 2 was my birthday. I am a very simple girl who doesn't need cakes and icecream on birthday, a simple greeting can make me really happy! Thank you so much to those who gave me birthday wishes! On facebook, twitter and some even sent me voice messages! Haha! That was entertaining! But what surprised me the most was when he greeted me through phone call. I was not expecting for that, I was hoping, but never really expected. So when he called, I also greet him a Happy Birthday. Yes, it was his birthday too. After that day.. No texts from him anymore. That's fine.

5.  October 3 was the day I found myself f r e e to celebrate my birthday my family. We went first to my sister’s Physical Therapist and to our town councilor, Councilor Gino Torres.

Embedded image permalink
Councilor Gino Torres!

lasagna killer... mwahahaha

looking fat

mom and bro!

Embedded image permalink
serious mode

 After taking pictures with him, we went to Shakey’s Tabang. Yummy!

6.  October 4 was the Mandarin Song Competition

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I didn't know that it was a contest. My classmate who has been asked by our professor to sing told me he couldn't make it on the day of the performance so he asked me if I am available to sing. I said yes and I thought I was going to sing for intermission number. But when I went to our professor to ask for the details I was shocked when she said, "goodluck! You might get 5k, 3k or 2k". What's sad is that my classmate didn't know the true date of the contest so when he asked our professor if he can still join, our professor said no cause he's too late for the registration. The whole program was fun! Perfect for flashback friday because almost everyone picked songs from Meteor Garden, including me. Omg! I remember my elem days! I missed San Cai, Dao Ming Zi and the whole cast. I sang Ni Yao De Ai by Penny Tan. I didn't win but at least I had fun so no regrets!

7.  Chinese Cultural Presentation Contest was the battle of the fourth year students of BSIT who were taking mandarin class that time. 

our dragon... <3

kung-fu masters

fan girls

dragon dancers

We almost forgot about that, the first schedule of the event was thankfully moved or else we have presented unsuccessfully... though, we were not really that successful. Haha. But at least we placed 3rd tied with 4AG1. Our sleepless night was worth it! Imagine us who didn't sleep before the contest. This has also served as our bonding.

8.  Our game Traveling Travis was presented on the 3rd IT Congress. 

Anyway, all those who created game on their capstone presented and have been candidate. Again, it was a contest. 

This event has been one of my favorite highlights eversince I entered college. The winners on the Chinese Cultural Contest served as intermission numbers. 

me on our costume

There has been a Kalokalike too! We have our pambato of course! None other than bossing Vic Sotto and Ryzza Mae Dizon! Hahahaha! Our boys also participated as boom boom pow boys. I shall say they were crowd faves. Unfortunately, they didn't win. Ugh, i'm bitter because it seemed like they got the winners based on their talents even if they're not really look alikes.

9.  HSK Exam. It's an exam for students who like to go to China. Many from our section registered including me. We paid 150 for registration but they gave us a book worth 300 pesos plus if you pass you'll get 1500 worth of gifts! Sadly I don't know if I can pass because I came in late :\\ I haven't answered the listening part which I always answer easily on reviews. I found the exam really difficult on the reading part!

10. We had tour for our mass communication class. We went to PNR, World Trade Center which was my favorite part because of the freebies, SM Aura, and NAIA Terminal 1. 
Embedded image permalink
my favorite picture from the tour

tanduay model... hahahaah

4D mehehe

SM Aura



Our mission was to create articles for our project news paper based on what we have learned from the tour.

My goodness! Did you read them all? I'm so sorry if you got booored! Take care y'all!

Let's pray for the victims of typhoon Yolanda.

Blogger Pam said on November 12, 2013 at 4:32 AM  

First of all, congratulations on your new phone! :)

Second is that, I'm sorry to hear about when you left the your apartment.. :)

And lastly, Belated happy birthday!!!

Blogger Penda Penn said on November 14, 2013 at 11:43 AM  

Hey aian! Lol, ur life 10 points? Lol. Anyway, congrats on ur new phone! Like you, I lose things a lot but the thing about parents, d nla tayo matiis hehe. Great family! And any hung capstone sis? U had to live together??? The person who texted you, sya ba yung snaktan ka or new yan? Mysterious ha!

And lastly, u look great in Chinese outfits! Muahaha pwede!

Lots of lovin' parin! <3

Anonymous April said on December 7, 2013 at 5:28 PM  

It's been a while since I've been here in your blog..

Happy Belated sisz. My dad's bday too was on Oct2nd. Wish you happiness in life.

Sorry about the heart break thing sisz. :( Kakalungkot naman. :-'(

Seems like you're enjoying school though. ;)

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