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Unfinished Wattpad Stories
Monday, January 21, 2013 | 7:58 AM | 3 comments

Do you remember when I posted this? I forgot I still have many stories to tell you guys. Even if it's so 2012, I'd still like to share them with you. One on the list is 'Unfinished Wattpad Stories'. I'm supposed to tell about my unfinished stories AGPK(Aba'y Goddess Pala Kami) and My Ex is Bossy. I still have a plan to finish them but they're not my priority. My priority is my never ending story of Buntis Ako, Sino'ng Ina?!! Some readers are already complaining because of my slow updates and how's the story going. But what will I do? I don't want it to be like this-is-just-a-happy-story-and-there-will-never-be-problems, there'll be no thrill.
Aside from my own on-going stories. There are some unfinished stories on wattpad too that really caught my attention. Unfortunately, they're not updating anymore, no clue if they will. I put most of them into my triple star shelf, meaning I highly recommend it! I just hope they'll update soon because I really really love them. Here they are:
The Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair - Meg used to believe in happily-ever-afters, but when a family tragedy strikes she's left to pick up the pieces on her own. It takes a handsome stranger, her best friend, and her own ingenuity to restore her belief in her dreams. Modern Cinderella.
My favorite among my favorites!! I think the author is Filipina. This story is really cute but the last update was May 8, 2012 :(((((((((((.

Project Popularity
Project Popularity- Luke Archer and Summer Merrick have always been the It-Couple at Roseville High. When Luke breaks up with Summer at the beginning of senior year, Summer reveals that she has been cheating on Luke with Paul Walden, Luke’s best friend. Angry and betrayed, Luke decides to get revenge, and he enlists the help of Jamie Vandeviere, a girl who has always been invisible to the popular crowd. Their goal is to transform Jamie into the most popular girl at school and take down Summer’s position as Queen Bee. However, being popular turns out to be a lot more difficult than what Jamie had in mind. What exactly has she gotten herself into?
Cool story and a must read! There's still hope that the author will update because I think this is a candidate for Watty Awards. She updated it October 7, 2012.

Our Unfinished Song

Our Unfinished Song- They made their own love song, but they never got the chance to finish it. Socially awkward Charlie De La Fontaine fell in love with the school's sweetheart, Keith Justice. Too bad her so-called "Prince Charming" was her stalker all along.
I love how the author wrote this. The characters are very likeable and the story really intrigues me. I've been looking for this to be updated because I was really intrigued. And I found out it has been updated last October 30, 2012. I gotta read the update.

I'm not your entertainment!
Misty Knight had to move to Virginia when her mom divorced her dad. In her new high school she meets the arrogant Eli King. He's the football captain while she's the new nerd in school. Eli doesn't know why but he loves to tease Misty. And the more he teases her the more she hates him. But what happens when Misty needs someone the most and the only one there for her is Eli, the guy she hates the most.
Funny story and I can relate to it!! :))) I love the characters specially the guy. updated July 28, 2012.


Boy You Confuse Me- Naranasan mo na bang mabaliw sa kakaisip sa kung ano ang tumatakbo sa isip ng crush mo? Nalito ka na ba sa nararamdaman mo para sa isang lalaki? Kung mahal mo na ba sya or infatuation lang talaga? Yung feeling na parang nagpapakita sya ng motibo or likeness towards you pero binabalewala mo na lang dahil ayaw mong masaktan sa kaka-assume sa bandang huli? BOYS NGA NAMAN! THEY REALLY ARE CONFUSING.
 That was written by my high school friend in Filipino. Everybody can relate to the girl's situation because I know everybody did have a crush ;). Last update was August 15, 2012.

So there are my favorites that's not being updated. I'm not being demanding here because I know how it feels like when the readers are demanding for updates like they don't know that these writers have their personal lives too and busy with other things, I'm just sharing them with you because you might want to read amazing stories, but if you are very eager to finish reading in one day, they are definitely not for you.

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Blogger MEcoy said on January 21, 2013 at 2:48 PM  

wow how come di ko nabasa yan!
nice author ka pala
kaya mo yan tapusin mo na

Blogger Bee the Bookworm. said on January 21, 2013 at 8:47 PM  

I have unfinished stories tooo! Ang dami. Di ko matapos kasi there's a lot going on in my life. HAHAHA. I hope we could finish them. :))

Anonymous xian said on January 22, 2013 at 12:05 AM  

Wow! I envy people who are good in making their own stories :) ako kasi sablay XD hehehe~ May unfinish e-books din ako... Catching fire pero tinatamad na ako XD matry nga yang project popularity :D Thanks!

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