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Hey 2013, Be Better ok?
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 | 7:17 PM | 1 comments

Happy new year everyone!!

I'm late, I know... but it's better late than never  right?

It's sad to say goodbye to  my lovely 2012. I have the best experiences during  that year.

January. Our outdoor was held  at Bataan for 3 days with my AGPK friends and PE classmates.
February. I have received my first ever order online which  is the best vest plus a wise decision I made.
March. I played  Remy for  my highschool friend's theater play for their project on his course BSTA.
April. Best blogging month,  I  blog almost everyday. Month I've been addicted to Helena Bonham Carter which is why I made my fandom tumblr. I received my grades with very surprising results.
May. My papa and two aunties went to the Philippines for vacation. My father gave the laptop for  my studies.
June. My lolo and lola's birthday celebration held at Batibot Farm and Resort. Plus  I received high grades from my major subject.
July. Rehearsals for our supposedly-upcoming-concert-but-did-not-happen, but at least... I have discovered my prof's house. And then my WebDev prof  invited me to join MSP.
August.  MSP(Microsoft  Student Partners) month!!! First time to experience journeying without  my parents... there's just 8 of us, my classmates and higher years. Then I upgraded my OS to Windows 8.
September.  Overnight here, overnight there. Overnight everywhere... if you know what I mean -_-... But this month was connected  with October.
October. My 18th birthday! Overnight here, overnight there, overnight everywhere part II. Last days  of 1st sem. And FIELDTRIP! I'll proudly say that I've ridden all those dangerous rides that I've never ridden before! Best experience with my classmates!
November. I was invited to be a part of a music video!!! Band Rehearsalssssssss. Making of my secret tumblr. We visited my tatay , my mom's father in cemetery.
December. We went to National Library. CICT Concert... wait! A duet with my super  duper crushie!!! hahaha!

I hope everyone has  a year like me.

But of course I was not  happy the whole year. Like, I missed the opportunity to watch Lady Gaga and the Idols, the opportunity to audition on Miss Saigon. And... this is the year where 3 of my dogs dies :'((((. Up until now I feel pain in  my heart  everytime I remember it. Everytime we're talking about their sudden death. 


Blogger Lady_Myx said on January 5, 2013 at 11:59 AM  

you remind me to post about a recap of 2012 sis :D thanks :D


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