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IT Congress 2013
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 | 4:38 PM | 2 comments

Look at my profile above, I removed my like button and changed it to follow/subscribe. I've decided to take down my fan page because it was nonsense hahaha. Anyway, feel free to follow :))

Last week, specifically Thursday, IT congress was held at the Valencia Gym in BulSu. It was a project of SWITS(Social Welfare for Information Technology Students) our college organization together with Microsoft Student Partners. They taught us about Netiquette, Windows 8, Windows phone, etc. Actually, they've already held an IT congress last school year but I found this year more enjoyable. They've added Cosplay that added fun to the event, they've been literally funny because of the Masters of the Ceremony, one of them was sir Keno, CICT Band's adviser. He was super funny! Poor contestants cause they've received okrays from him! We kept on laughing the whole time!
One of them was her.

the winner!
Another event was the Game Development Competition where 5 groups of 4th year students who already made their capstone projects presented their games, great great games! I really hope we can do the same! There've been Windows 8 installfest too.

We had lunch break and I even thought that students will not come back but I was wrong, they came back and I guess the reason was the raffle promos. Yep, cellphones have been given away plus 1 android tablet! I was really hoping to get something but I failed :(.

Anyway, that's alright... :) I really love IT Congress this year!

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Blogger MEcoy said on January 30, 2013 at 9:07 PM  

well cosplays is quite on trend nowadays
and as for otaku like me that is what iam most looking forward of doing perhaps sa cosmania13

Blogger Joanne said on January 30, 2013 at 10:26 PM  

Wahahahaha. Naniwala naman ako sa Fil-Am pero nung nakita ko half-ambisyosa natawa talaga ako. Sobraaaa. Hahaha. Sorry sis! Pero anyways, good kasi you took care of the kitten. Ang cuute niya. Alagaan mo sya ng mabuti ha :)))

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