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Dream Home
Sunday, June 12, 2011 | 6:19 PM | 1 comments

YAY.we have internet na at home!

Ok. last June 10, 2011... we went to our "bukid", this is where we used to live when I was about 1-3 years old. I remember... we're living in a Bahay Kubo, but there're no plants such as singkamas, talong, sigarilyas at mani etc. lmao. It's so cool to live there... and i remember when we're doing that "dutdut" thing. but i don't exactly remember what we're doing when we say "Nagdudutdut kami". haha. but we left that place when i was 4. back to the topic, we visited that place to see if they're already packing up their garden things(they're renting our whole lot kasi, but now... part na lang... pero small part lang yung kinuha muna namin). Sadly, they're not yet packing up... grr. haha. anyway, it's alright. Anyway, the reason kung bakit namin kinuha yung part na yun is that magpapagawa kami ng house! yay! finally... i wish that it would be finished before my 18th birthday. I would love to live there... fresh air, peaceful spot, it's as if we're owning the area. lol. anyway. that's all for now.

classes will start on June 14, 2011. But since we don't have classes every Tuesday... kitakits on June 15.

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Anonymous BEBE said on June 13, 2011 at 3:20 PM  

wow.. i always wanted to trying living in a bahay kubo sis.. :) parang ang sarap ng feeling.. simpleng buhay lng eh.. :) ganun gusto ko.. ayaw ko yung city..masyadong magulo kase. o___O

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