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If it's the last thing I can do...
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 | 7:41 PM | 2 comments

As i promised to you guys... this is my latest composition, If it's The Last Thing I Can Do. Hope you'll enjoy the song... and oh, you know why I don't carry any instruments? Coz, I can't play any instruments except for lyre... lol. knowing that even a little kid can play it. sometimes I'm asking the question "Why?" Why can't I learn playing guitar, but anyway... loads of men tried to teach me.haha, I want to play piano too, and sometimes I'm hating myself for that, I can sing,I can write songs, stories, but I can't play any instruments??? But remembering that I can't dance too is a positive well, enough of my kabaliwan. here's the vid:

If It's The Last Thing I Can Do
aian crisostomo

What is my life when you're away?
who am i if you're not mine anymore?
Oh oh

Can I call myself as me if half of my life will be gone?

I can see the changes
I know it will take place

So I'm sorry if
I forget myself sometimes
oh oh
And let me tell you this
nothing's gonna change even if the storm comes out our way
and if you'll ever find yourself in a situation like this
I'll forgive, if it's the last thing I can do
I will
I will

I know that we can't dictate our life
if it's gonna be the end then we'll have to accept that it's last
oh oh

But the one thing that's for sure
you know that till my last breath
your name i'll whisper

coz if not

(repeat Refrain)

(Repeat Chorus)
do... oh ohhhh

And if tomorrow's gonna be the last
do you know that it's not enough

to say how you mean everything to me
to tell you why you mustn't leave
to give your life some sort of glow
to make you feel how much I owe...


(repeat chorus)

do... ohhh... ohhh...

if it's the last thing i can do

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Anonymous ayah said on March 19, 2011 at 12:39 PM  

you sing so good. i hope i can make a song too but i dont have the talent. haha

Blogger Jhanna Blaine said on March 20, 2011 at 3:46 PM  

OMG YOU HAVE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL VOICE. I'm so jealous. Keep it up. Looking forward to hearing more songs :)

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