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So This is How It Feels
Sunday, January 23, 2011 | 8:38 PM | 3 comments

Last friday I'm so so upset with the results on our filipino midterm examination, not because I got a very low grade, I actually got 92%, the only reason is that because there are some who got high grades(higher than me actually), though i've never seen them reviewing, at first I thought, maybe, they're reviewing in their home, but, sila na rin ang nagsabi, nanduktor sila. There is someone who got a very high grade which is 98%, and I know that she got it cause she reviewed, so i've got no problem with that. Yeah, it's just last friday, till I realized that, Me, Myself, I'm doing that thing too, sometimes, and now, nalaman ko that, ganun pala, that is how it feels pala when you made an effort to review, as in you give in your best then you will know that there are some people who will just cheat, na they never made an effort to get those grades. Ganun pala, that's why there are some of my classmates when I was in highschool who never let me to copy their notes.

I'm so confused you know guys, naguguluhan ako. I'm in this situation where I do not know if I'm gonna believe ever-afters or not, there are lot of what ifs on my mind. Of course,i guess you know that I am single, and will be single til l march on our graduation, so that's 4 years to wait. And yes, there is someone who's making an effort just to let me know that he's waiting and willing to wait till the end. and to tell you honestly, I've fallen. Oh no,don't worry(if you're worrying), he's not reading this stuff. Oh yes, I've fallen, and falling... but, what if oneday, magsawa na siya sa akin, what if after 4 years he'll tell me that he doesn't like me anymore?

Questions that are very hard to answer, one day I believe in ever after, especially when I am watching fairytales and happy-ending love stories. But everytime I can hear a girl, crying, and saying that she can't believe that she and her love will broke up, I suddenly forget about living happily ever after. So that's it.

By the way, Dobby's living with CHESTER now.

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Anonymous KAREN ♥ said on January 23, 2011 at 9:08 PM  

ohh sis i feel the same way too.. I hate cheaters! it feels really bad when someone got a higher score than you, by just cheating. It's not really fair.
be careful for love :) its hard especially when you've fallen.. control your emotions, because you don't know that after 4 yrs he still likes you.. well if that happens.. THAT's GOOD ♥

Anonymous Aivs said on January 24, 2011 at 8:39 PM  

I HATE CHEATERS! So not fair right??? I recently had the problem too with our mid term exam lastlast week

Anonymous Yesha said on January 27, 2011 at 2:21 AM  

oh thats sad to read:( anyway dont worry sweetie as long as you study well, at the end of the day, you're still smarter than them and you can use it in the future..

Smile:) and i know you can make it next time

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