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Oh so fast!
Saturday, January 1, 2011 | 7:14 PM | 4 comments

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Happy new year to everyone. these past few months, I haven't actually noticed that 2011 is coming cause of activities. and I haven't notice that I have some thoughts or things that I forgot to blog about. and what are they?

My Spiritual Birthday:
Last November 30, 2010 I asked my fellow U-Hubers to orient me on everything about the Hub. Two girls oriented me about the role of the Upgrade and what is my relationship with God is all about. I have learned a lot of things. really. and yeah!I feel so delighted.

Deeply In Love:
Who knows this song by the way? I sang this song last december 3, 2010 for the Overhauljam @Uhub. I really love this song especially the lines:

"You and I together forever, nothing can stand in the way"

yeah! it's just so powerful. It's a love song for God actually!

Survivor Ready?:
Yeah! About survivor. It was December 3 right? December 3 was the concert on the CiCT band, and I am really desperate to watch it until the closing song, why? Because i hoped that i'm there too, singing. And we are supporting one guy there(our classmate/friend). But then my mom decided to watch too.err.because she said she knows that it's going to run up to midnight or even later.and she can't take it not to watch the finale of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition. I'm a follower of the show too, but hey! the concert is once in a lifetime or so. and if I only knew that Akihiro will won, I would really ask mom not to watch anymore haha. JK!

Follow Me:
Mind following me on twitter? my account is aianananalalala. Oh and on Formspring too. just the same username. ask me too. I'm craving for it :D

I forgot to blog this last time. My aunt gave me a Dictionary too. You know what's my feeling when I saw it? Very very excited! I am really wanting a dictionary. It's big and it makes me feel that I am the know-it-all wizard Hermione Granger. And guess what the colors of it? Gold and red, it really looks like it belongs to a Gryffindor student!

Well-known Makata-s Ever!:
I haven't really felt that I had a christmas vacation. I am reviewing my notes everynight about well known writers, filipino or foreign. And I am really trying to memorize all of them, they're Taguri and Akda. I think they're 55-60 and it's 5 pages. Thank God I've already memorized three pages! YAY!

The Only Reason For My Extra Existence:
It's Just something about what I'm planning. Oh yeah! I'm planning to have a blog. it's a friendship blog but I won't tell who's friend I am talking about. I want it to be private because it's suppose to be a surprise. But I'll still ask you if you want to view/read it, and if you want just tell me. I want that blog to last a lifetime.

Snowbelle and the 7 Gags:
Hoho! Our class or I should say I am planning to ask my classmates if they want to make a movie or... uhm somewhat like that. I am already making the scripts. I asked our president and she said that 'twas great idea. it's just our remembrance and maybe we'll share them to everyone. i'll share the summary some other time.

I Want A Phone!:
Since my mom confiscated the phone that I am using, I'm not texting my Classmates that much anymore, it was just so sad that before Every morning-gm, every gudnights-gm. and I have a format with my gm huh. it goes this way:

=]lines of any song or commercial or movie...


goodnight muggles
chizy drms
beware of rats


so what can you say? haha.

Forgiveness and Love:
Have you heard Miley's new song. For those who don't like her, it's ok but for the die-hard fan of her, hey! check it out! it's entitled forgiveness and love. The message is really really inspiring. yeah! though I've found something about her and actually i knew it all before but she's getting... uhm you know. err, i don't want to talk about it a lot.

That was very all guys! hope you enjoyed reading those stuffs. and i hope that this will be the last time that i'll blog that long... haha you know what i mean. how's ur new year?

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Anonymous La Reyn said on January 1, 2011 at 9:41 PM  

Happy New Year to you and to your family as well! :)

Blogger sHeRrY said on January 2, 2011 at 6:41 PM  

happy new year:]

Blogger Umi said on January 3, 2011 at 12:15 PM  

Happy new year sweetie! Hope your 2011 would be a blast!

Anonymous melle lee said on January 3, 2011 at 1:45 PM  

happy new year

Funny when you said that your dictionary mnakes you look like hermione granger.. LOL Havent heard Miley's forgiveness and Love yet,, LOL and I should also try to have something like that bday of yours..Ive seen the survivor Phil edition and for me Aki deserves to win..haha im intrigued on the friendship blog though

Obviously I read your post.. haha

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