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Pet Peeves
Tuesday, September 4, 2012 | 12:06 PM | 3 comments

Las last month (I can't exactly remember what month), I encountered this term "Pet Peeves" somewhere in www. I got curious but didn't have enough time to search about it's meaning and I didn't really get interested. But I think it was just last month where there's a worldwide twitter trend about Pet Peeves, so there... I got interested with it.

So according to wikipedia, Pet Peeve is a minor annoyance that we can feel towards something. And while I am writing this post I got into this site It's a fun site.

So what about that picture above? It's my notebook, it's obviously my ugly handwriting. I got bored in class so I come up to it. But that's not just for nothing. I made it for "special" someone.

I don't know but I always get irritated easily. My first Pet Peeve is someone from our class. Yeah, I know she won't read this, she don't care about this blog so I'll write something about her, anyway I won't mention her name. I don't really like her or maybe I hate her... because she is so boastful and bossy. She talks VERY LOOOOOOUD that you will think she's talking to someone who's in the different corner of the earth. She talks childishly which is not proper for her(it's only for me. JK!), you know the baby talk? When she has done something for us she'll always talk about it to everyone in the class. And the worst part is... she's always with us, with our barkada. She thinks she belongs to our group. We're 8 in our group and she has already done something bad to everyone of us, especially to me, that was when we were 1st year college, she was always humiliating me, shouting that I am an idiot. That was why I left her, yep she's my ex barkada. So, to conclude this, we, our barkada are a bunch of sarcastic people, yeah... it's just to her, we've been trying to talk to her but, we're always blown by her loud voice. So everytime she's around, I always open my notebook to that page.

My second annoyance is our neighbor. If you're living here, the moment that you wake up, you would think that you've apparated in front of a mall while you were sleeping. They always play loud i-don't-know-if-i-can-consider-it-music. I don't know if already posted that I really hate super mega todamax hard music where you can only hear vocalist's screams... geez... that's what they're playing, and what I really hate is because we have a three-year-old child living here that always needs to sleep. They're so numb, they thought  everyone from this barangay enjoys their music or whatsoever you can call it.

What else? Ah. Cussing. I know someone who (I think) can't live a day without cussing. I don't know, to many people, it's just normal, but it hurts my ears maybe because I don't cuss, for me it's a bad thing.

So there.. I have more Pet Peeves but I am doing my project now... geez, I am annoying! Instead of making my project, here I am, writing for my next blog post.

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Anonymous Sandra said on September 9, 2012 at 12:10 PM  

we allhave different pet peeves.. and those that you've enumurated kina irritate me as well. As much as possible, though, I try to confront them and tell them that maybe some people won't like how they do things sometimes. Nevertheless,I'll try to understand them.. where they're coming from, and try to "appreciate" their differences, uniqueness, and own personalities. :D

Blogger Rhea said on September 10, 2012 at 3:57 PM  

AAAHH Pet peeves, OMG. I think I have lots of it to the point that I can no longer enumerate them. Neighbors. *sigh* not that I hate them but there are some times when I wanted to make the most out of a free day, read a book or something, then there goes there party songs... :/

Blogger CHEEN said on September 10, 2012 at 8:38 PM  

i so have a classmate like that, he's so annoying and lvoes to have everybody's attention. feeling like a celeb. :)

haha, well here in my neighborhood, me and my brother are the one whose listening to music which are not the type of music our neighbors want to hear. :DD

haha. goodluck on yer project, :D

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