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Sembreak without a Break
Thursday, October 14, 2010 | 8:34 PM | 0 comments

I'm so Excited for BLAHPSTERR's get together. hope it will be very fun fun fun

Just to let you know guys, i'm already a first year college student. And yeah nakapag adjust naman na ako; my present classmates are 2X approachable ever. hmmn, but i'm kindly shocked???, not that shocked but maybe I was just expecting too much. We have a sembreak, or should I say... Weeeh??? Sembreak??? haha. a sembreak without break. a sembreak where we still need to go to school to complete our final exam and to pass our projects. but i should accept this fact of course. sabi nga nila. "c'mon,you're a college now! you need to change!", haha that's all for now, i'm dealing with my project. nyt guys

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