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Sunday, December 21, 2014 | 5:25 AM | 3 comments

Last December 13, 2014 I was with scphils peeps since 8 in the morning till morning of December 14, 2014. Can you believe that? I was wide awake for almost 24 hours. The first event that I was with them was for It's Showtime! I really had fun!! It was really nice watching it with them.

Photo grabbed from Soundcloud Philippines' fanpage

Then the second event was the Soundcloud Philippines' year end party that was held at Food Truck Park At Park N' Sell. It was scphils' 2nd year end event and the album launching of "Inspired: A Tribute to Our Musical Heroes" which is the party theme as well.

Let the photos speak for yah!

During the Studio Tours(with Chiarra, Cholo, DX, Jazel, kuya Pajo, kuya Pajo's mom and Vey)

Inside the Studio... OMG! LLYODIEEEE *screams**faints*(not really a fan but he's really really breathtaking...)

Vhong said hi!

Lipfie with bebe Jazel. lol

If you are going to watch It's Showtime and it's gonna be your first time... I'm telling you... never ever wear an outfit like mine(short dress + heels). It will be very exhausting! 

Plus... I  was thinking about wearing that heels on our Year End Party but then I realized that the event will take place on a grassy venue(and it was raining) so I had to run to Penshoppe(SM Megamall) to buy a new pair slippers.


After changing my outfit for the next event. Me, DX and Chiarra went ahead to meet those four guys at the back(Jacob, Star, Brackenjero, JC)... they're from Pangasinan and Baguio(if I'm not mistaken)

My seat during the SCPhils' YEP(well, not really my seat cause I roamed  around the venue during the whole  night and made crazy stuff)

Crazy stuff like this(photo grabbed from Maeh Egamino)

The whitelady has a face... bleh

With Cian Garcia(on the left photo, wherein kuya June and my hyperbestfriend Nica on the background)
With Rhal Francisco and Kian Dionisio on the right photo

With Emme Celera and Nica Socorro

With Rajiv So, Sharie Ingente and Mickie Perez
I thought we were having a Halloween party so...

SCPhils peeps singing One By One(L-R: Anica Ordan, Kevin Hermogenes, Iko Mortensen Tan, Jake Jacinto, Marlon Romero, Nat Casillan, Jerome Cleofas, June Guzman, Austine Campos, CK Espanol, Emme Celera and Paola Lozare in front)(photo grabbed from Soundcloud Philippines' fanpage)

One of my night's highlights was  when my message got the Best Inspired Message award. We had this monito monita activity on our group and instead of giving gift to our baby,  we posted messages to the group that will inspire our baby or a message how your baby inspired us and we have to tag him. When I saw my post being flashed on the big screen that night I was speechless. I just didn't expect that cause I only posted my message so that I can make my baby happy... here's my message if you're curious:

When it was announced, kuya Iko who was one of the emcees that night asked me to come in front and read my super long message. I was kidding that time that I might cry... but when they all said "iiyak na yan"... I was not able to help it... I cried. I was thinking a lot of things that moment... I was sad, touched, overwhelmed but mostly I was happy.. I AM HAPPY that I am a part of Soundcloud Philippines. I can't imagine life without them. I consider them as  my second family, I wonder what my 2014 would be without them, I felt alone last 2013... I felt down... and they lifted me... I love each and everyone of them. That was why I cried. I owe them my happiness(aside from my real family of course).

LOL. looking so happy, and I think I was about to attack(can I use this term?) kuya Jerome for playing One by One using keyboard dramatically(he really wanted to see me crying!)(photo grabbed from Soundcloud Philippines' fanpage)


Kuya Iko saved me and read my message for me cause I can't speak a single word!(photo grabbed from Soundcloud Philippines' fanpage)

They asked me to sing the chorus part of Landslide and kuya Iko saved me again cause I can't sing the whole chorus for I was about to cry again. INSTANT DUET!(photo grabbed from Soundcloud Philippines' fanpage)

They gave me a free copy of Inspired  Album and E-Cert of Appreciation for having the Best Inspired Message(as they said). AWESOME ADMINS ARE AWESOME!(photos grabbed from Soundcloud Philippines' fanpage)

My beastfriend Kevin Esmeria with Karl Zarate and Kevin Hermogenes. 1st picture: YinYang(LOLJK). 2nd picture: Beastfriend said it's him Kevin the pogi and Kevin the singer lang lol.

With #Teamawa


Nica Socorro(hyperbestfriend)

 Arkensen  Yabyabin

Adriel Aldovino(carebear)

Leo Villamayor

Karl Zarate(he's familiar isn't he? ;))

JC Pilande

Kevin Hermogenes

Austine Campos

Eric Gendrala

Charvin Molaco

Ace Gadia

Shon Yabes

Jhonalyn Nolasco

Jacob Cudal(eating buddy)

Nat Casillan(my super idol)

Alec Padua

Therese Padua

Gian Egamino

Keannard Faraon

Richard Ogalesco

Maeh Egamino

Kevin Esmeria(beatfriend!)

Jamie Socorro(haba ng hair... nagrejoice siya)

Cian Garcia

Anne Clerigo(another super luka lukang idol...)

Gervic Dumaliang

Jammen Maragay

Mark Rante


Star Sernadilla

JC Pascua

Jake Jacinto(Over gwapong Bebeeee!)

Redjell Diola

Mia Kyarra(mamma Mia)

Krizh Lim(Babe <3)

June Guzman(kuyaa)

Dan Tanedo

Joe Vince

Neil Guiang

Mommy Rika Mortensen Tan

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING :) and because of that I am thinking about doing requested covers... request songs from me guys, let me see what I can do. Love you!

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Anonymous Nancy said on December 22, 2014 at 3:59 AM  

It sounds like you went to a couple of fun events! Congratulations on winning the Best Inspired Message award! I can imagine the rush of emotions after winning and having to come up and read it; but at least it's emotions out of happiness! Hope you had fun!! Happy Holidays!

Blogger jonathan said on December 23, 2014 at 9:41 PM  

Ang haba haba ng post na ito, lol! Reading and looking at the pics, I am also happy for you. Always remember that these things do come so that we could enjoy and be grateful for the friendships, the joys, and the blessings we had. Let this post be a remembrance of your happiest moments and may you be filled with more fun and joy this coming year. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous Pam said on January 10, 2015 at 12:51 AM  

WOW SHOWTIME! I would love to watch Showtime live and yes, I wouldn't wear a mini skirt and a pair of high heels watching it.. I'd wear something more comfortable. Hehe

Congratulations on winning the Best Inspired Message award!!! and Happy New Year to you!

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